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Jan 17, 2013 4:00am EST
channel retailers. fantastic figures from the likes of john dose, very, very good, indeed. >> if you didn't have that good multi channel line or you weren't very good online, then you weren't going to suffer. >> it's much, much more challenging at the moment. you can generalize, consumers are much more selective. they don't give second best the benefit of the doubt. it would be interesting to know, for instance, how those changes we've got -- >> i have to say, if i had to pick a word to describe retail sales and the general economy, it would be sporadic. it doesn't seem there's a consistent message, a theme, a story. am i missing something? >> i think it's fair. i think we saw in 2012 very, very slow improvements in consumer confidence and retail sales are up compared to other areas of consumer spending were weak. and i think it will be much the same next year. but have a look at the rest of europe. >> so you would rather buy the uk companies? >> well, i don't make share price recommendations. but the uk economy at the moment subject to no euro meltdowns. >> although we have had similar s
Jan 18, 2013 4:00am EST
in the first quarter. you can see shares down better than 4%, a big move for this side company. cnbc's john ford sends us more. >> a bit of whiplash for investors late n session and after hours on intel's earnings. they came out a little bit early. at first, they looked good to some people because the stock popped. after hours, it took a dive. let's take a look at what happens. intel's revenues in line, a little light. the street was looking for $13.5 billion in revenue. in earnings per share, wall street wanted 45 cents. intel turned in 48. looks pretty good, right? part of that was due to a tax benefit. intel specsed a tax rate of 27% and got 23%. that helped a bit. gross margins came in stronger than expected at 58% where intel had guided to a mid point gross margin of 57%. but there was bad news beyond that for the investment community. for q11, intel guided to a mid point in revenue of $12.7 billion, plus or minus a half a billion dollars. and for the full fiscal year, 2013, intel said just expect low single digit revenue increases, growth margin to 60% and cap ex at $13 billion. that
Jan 15, 2013 4:00am EST
firms include tpg and silver lake par ners have been in talks to take the company private. cnbc's john forte has the latest. >> guys, it would be a huge deal ranking among the biggest private equity deals of all time, market cap north of $20 billion. rumor has it that several large banks have been contacted on the possibility of taking dell private. dell says it won't comment on rumors or speculation. the stock, meanwhile, was up 13% in the close. the underlying issue here is the pc ecosystem. dell was the poster child for the pc in the '90s. the ecosystem somehow falling apart, thanks to smartphones, tablets and just a general decline there. general sales were down 8% in q3. gardener estimates they were down again nearly 5% in q4. at dell, pcs are half of revenue as of last quarter. both laptops and desktops are shrinking quickly. laptops down 26% last quarter. desktop revenue down 8%. the consumer business actually lost money. what's the road map to turning things around? networkering, serves and storage are doing pretty well for dell. although it's not clear how taking thinks privat
Jan 16, 2013 4:00am EST
. in a letter to the house speaker john boehner, the treasury secretary says this step has been taken before during previous debt limit impasses. several conservative republicans are set to introduce legislation to direct treasury to prioritize debt payments if congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling. >>> and president obama will unveil his gun control plan today at 11:45 eastern. he's expected to call on congress to ban military-style assault weapons and the type of high-capacity ammunition used in last month's school shooting in newtown, connecticut. the package will also include efforts to stop school bullying and invest available mental health services. may include several steps the president can take right away without congressional approval. >>> the house of representatives has passed more than $50 billion in aid for hurricane sandy victims. this more than ten weeks after the storm ravaged the northeastern u.s. the vote was 241-180. several republicans voted no. conservatives failed to offset part of the bill's cost with across-the-board federal spending cuts as some had wanted. the se
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4